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Dear visitors,
This page provides access to teaching materials, modules and procedures offered by the Electronic and distance learning system (EDLS) at the Medical University – Pleven. The system is developed by „CIELA AD“ under a mutual contract, with the full support from EU Human Resources Development Operational Programme, the Development of electronic forms for distance learning in the system of high education project, Contract № BG 051 РО 001-4304-0049 for Innovative and modern education at Medical University - Pleven, with Medical University Pleven as a beneficiary. The project activities ended in October 2014 and currently the system is fully operational and available to its users.

You can access the information and the educational procedures by typing a „User name” and “Password”, as provided by the Education Department or Student Office or Center for Distance Learning (CDL) of MU-Pleven, and then press „ENTER”.You can also log in to EDLS as a "Guest", but in this case your access will be limited to individual information resources published in Electronic and distance learning system.

Observations and suggestions for the system are welcome at the address of the Center for Distance Learning - or

Yours sincerely,
Assoc. prof. eng. Georgi Tzanev, PhD, former project leader, head of CDL

Thank you for your suggestions and comments!

euro.pngProject № BG 051PO001-4.3.04-0049
„Innovative and modern education at Medical University – Pleven”
This project is implemented with the financial support of the Resources Development Operational EU Programme, co-funded by the European Social Fund